Fundació Mies van der Rohe

The Foundation has a multidisciplinary team committed with the aim of generating knowledge about architecture and broadcast quality. At every step of this task from the programming, through the production and management to reach its dissemination and communication is essential the coordination with external institutions at local, European and worldwide scale. Our aim is to create a network as broad as possible to make the understanding and enjoyment of architecture at as many sectors and countries either through exhibitions, events and interventions at the Pavilion or by our publications.

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Anna Ramos

Prize team
Ivan Blasi, Coordinator
Anna Bes
Txell Cuspinera
Jordi García
Anna Sala Giralt
Núria Saban Prat

Events and Programmes
Celia Marín Vega
Laia Gelonch
Marina Romero

Antoni Garijo

Administration team
Arnau Cabeza
Raúl Martínez
Clara Moreno
Alex Raya

Víctor Sánchez
Sergi Carreras
Manuel Luque
Pilar Moyano
Marc Quintana
Ruth Castilla
Antoni Santiago