Presentation Gathering of activities 2022 - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Presentation Gathering of activities 2022

We are very excited to be able to invite you to the presentation of the 2022 Programme! Next Thursday, January 27 at 11 am we want to explain you the activities we have prepared for the next season and to thank and celebrate the success of the hundred activities, in the Pavilion and abroad, of the previous season. A success that you have made possible with your work, your support or your interest by adapting to the new formats that the moment required.

This 2022 the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion will host a wide variety of activities around architectural knowledge from its broader perspective that links it to the arts and research. We can do this inclusive look thanks to the rich network that extends everywhere, through entities and individuals of which you are also part. Don’t miss it!

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And if you can’t come to the Pavilion, you can also participate through this link.
We look forward to seeing you!

Participants of the Presentation

0:00 Anna Ramos – Directora Fundació Mies van der Rohe

“One of the opportunities of the pandemic has been our expansion, reaching more international audiences. The Fundació has this double local and international vocation, as it will be seen in this year’s program, with the aim of giving you and giving us spaces of architectural enjoyment”

11:10 Queralt Garriga – Audioguide Mies van der Rohe Pavilion

16:00 Elisa Pont – Junior Report

“We bring current affairs closer to young people with the aim of awakening a critical eye regarding what is happening in the world and in its environment, based on the creation of a platform – which includes collaboration with the Pavilion – with a series of contents with a pedagogical vision and a contextualizing language”

18:50 Ivan Blasi – Curador Fundació Mies van der Rohe

“One of the reflections that the jury of the EU Mies Award 2022 underlined was the role of architecture in achieving equity and democracy through inclusion and diversity, as a starting point for all the conversations we will have”

26:20 Laura Lizondo, Débora Domingo, Avelina Prat – Beca Lilly Reich

“What we have done is the compilation of the life, work and criticism of Lilly Reich through an analysis of the data, to show a timeline between what she did and what was really said about her. It is a documentary that does not intend to be focused on a specific audience, but on any person”

23:30 Adriana Mas “Water Lillies”

“The project was born with the intention of adding a final subtle gesture to the 1929 Pavilion reconstruction, adding an element that we already know existed from the archive images of the time, which are these aquatic plants, the water lilies that were originally on the big lake.”

35:35 Óscar Abraham Pabón “Psicoarquitectura”

“The entire Pavilion could work as a psycho-diagnosis of the interpretative capacities of architecture. The sincerity of the material and by using the clay block, how a material can have that human quality which is transferred to a construction to talk about the psychological dimension of the individual.

40:15 Eugenia López Reus & Miguel Jaime – “The Grid”

“From the set of lines that structure the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the Pavilion, the objective of the project is that people, regardless of their knowledge about architecture or art, can experience the space of the Pavilion from the same points of view that determine its spatial conception and its material construction”

46:00 Vicente Guallart“Mass Madera”

“The objective is to carry out an installation of a wood structure that can dialogue with the Mies Pavilion – made of noble materials typical of the 20th century – that in our century are causing part of global warming. This new trend in the use of wood will contribute to reach the goal of the European Union of zero emissions by the year 2050.”

49:05 Josep Ferrando“The Mineral Model”

“To begin to understand which are the geological patterns of the stone and how the cut is made, symmetries begin to be established, constantly building a space that reflects on itself, in this sense, this glass millefeuille, which makes space and matter become one”




27-1-2022, 11:00h


Mies van der Rohe Pavilion