Música x Arquitectura 2019 - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Música x Arquitectura 2019

x The art of listening – Francesc Ticó
Music, like architecture, is art in its purest form. To reproduce and enjoy live music or study, the geometry and materials with which the spaces where you listen are built, contribute significantly to how you appreciate it and how it affects your emotion. We will speak of soundproofing and acoustic conditioning in mixing and recording rooms in recording studios, auditoriums and theaters. Throughout the centuries, we will see the evolution from how the man was struggling to amplify without loudspeakers or microphones, making incredible architectural works full of ingenuity and completely efficient to the most sophisticated recording studios that make use of Different techniques, always to achieve the desired goal: to listen to music. (Registration to the conference)

x Musitectura: a musical reading of space – Gerard Guerra López
Activity related to the world of architecture that is proposed to transcend it, beyond the disciplinary and territorial boundaries, to stimulate reflection between architecture and music, as two declines of the same creative, transformative process. The boundary between time and space is blurred to give way to a space-time dimension in which architecture and music happen at the same time … and space.
With the support of a grand piano, this activity will combine small explanations with audiovisual support (slides) by introducing concepts about “musitectura” (understood as a symbiosis between music and architecture) with the direct interpretation of musical examples played on the piano. At the end of the conference, participants will be presented with the book (Registration to the conference)
x Dämmerung – Topographic Ensemble
Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich projected the German Pavilion for the International Exhibition of Barcelona in 1929. They proposed a space that was “the spirit of a new era”, where interior and exterior were diluted and refined and traditional materials ‘alternated as foundations, structure and elements in suspension. Aesthetic merger of continent and content, transparency. Each of its corners responded to a careful study of lights, shadows and colors for a harmony and a rational and, at the same time, poetic and evocative staging. For the first time, Ensemble Topogràfic take a concrete architectural landscape as a starting point for intervening “in situ”. We will propose an action in total harmony with our constant experimentation as a duet where the borders of sound, movement and physical language languages blur and dialogue creating a unique discourse for each performance. We will resume and inhabit this reconstructed, timeless pavilion, with an “act / message” inspired by the ethical and aesthetic will of its creators.x Sound installation: Voice silenced – Datalash and Francesc Ticó
The radio that was the means of massive information and communication of beginnings of the 20th century allowed the people to hear the voice of the chief executive officers for the first time, and was used as a powerful political tool.
Voz silenciada is a reflection in the form of installation of Laura Martínez de Guereñu’s phrase: “The story has not been fair with Lilly Reich”, making an analogy between microphone and history. The installation of a microphone is proposed as the interface that collected or transmitted the voice of Mies Van der Rohe and Lilly Reich for the broadcasting of his work in history. Lilly Reich’s voice was relegated to the background, in the story and in the memory of this major work in the history of architecture, the microphone symbolizes the story that has not picked up its trajectory and that, therefore, has muted Installation elements: The installation consists of a microphone with a foot on a carpet. The carpet is the drawing of the dead parts of the capture of the microphone, that is to say, the dead parts of the transmission of the story. In this polar balloon of capture the name of Mies and Lilly Reich located respectively in the points of maximum and minimum catchment of the globe has been written.

Sound artistic expressions designed to explain the architecture from the creative immersion and to influence the architectural experience of the public.




16-05-2019 de 17 a 22 h


Pavelló Mies van der Rohe


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In the frame of:


5:00 pm Architectural visit with inscription to the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion by the architect Mónica Cruz (Registration for the visit)

5.30pm The art of listening by Francesc Ticó sound technician and music producer. (At the end of the conference will be given the book ‘Architecture and music in the twentieth century’ by Susana Moreno, courtesy of ‘foundation arquia’) registration to the conference

19 a 20.45 h Musitectura: a musical reading of space by Gerard Guerra López architect and musician.
Theoretical-practical conference. registration to the conference 45 ‘
Piano concert (1h) without registration.

8:45 pm Dämmerung by Ensemble Topogràfic Concert and Performance without registration

17 to 22 h Silenced voice, authors: Datalash and Francesc Ticó (Installation)