Adela (Women’s white long sleeve sport shirts) - de Greca Grec - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Adela (Women’s white long sleeve sport shirts) – de Greca Grec

The Mies van der Rohe Pavilion is a “singular place” for De Grec a Grec, a production of small-format shows that features unusual spaces in the Poble-sec district and it hosts the show Adela (Women’s white long sleeve sport shirts) by Daniel Veronese and Escenes Singulars.


Adela (Womens white long sleeve sport shirts)
Daniel Veronese
Singular scenes

How do we overcome adversities? What does surviving mean? What strategies help us to carry on? These are questions posed in a monologue about women and gender violence.

Truth or invention? This show is part of the theatrical world of Argentinian playwright Daniel Veronese. It focuses on women who are made invisible and subjected to gender violence. The monologue, which presents a woman accused of committing a crime, explores the frontiers between reality and fiction, where theatrical artifices are reduced to a minimum and the actor takes on the responsibility for setting the scene.

This is one of the performances in the Singular Scenes series. Following the lines of stage experiences in Buenos Aires and in all of Latin America, it brings theatrical creations to unusual, non-theatre venues in the Barcelona neighbourhood of Poble-sec. As they have been specifically created for the occasion and the chosen venue, these performances establish an almost organic relationship between these unusual venues and performing arts.

Author: Daniel Veronese  Director: Jorge Sánchez Performed by: Mireia Gubianas Costume advice: Nídia Tusal Executive producer: La Cantera Exploraciones Teatrales





2-10-2020 - 3-10-2020, 19:30


Pavelló Mies van der Rohe