Also Known as Jihadi – “Per amor a les arts” film series in La Filmoteca

As a part of the film series “Per amor a les arts” by La Filmoteca de Catalunya, which uses cinema as a tool for dialogue with other artistic disciplines such as design, architecture, opera, literature, dance, painting, music or dance, Fundació Mies van der Rohe presents “Also Known as Jihadi”, a film by Eric Baudelaire in which he freely re-elaborates Masao Adachi’s theory of landscape: when described and filmed properly, a landscape can reveal tue structures of opression that it is the result of and that it helps to transmit.

Director: Eric Baudelaire

Production: France

Year: 2017

Version: VOSE

Run time: 102′



18-05-2021, 16:30h

Organised with

Filmoteca de Catalunya


Sala Chomón

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