Arquitectures model – “Per amor a les arts” film series in La Filmoteca

As a part of the film series “Per amor a les arts” by La Filmoteca de Catalunya, which uses cinema as a tool for dialogue with other artistic disciplines such as design, architecture, opera, literature, dance, painting music or theatre, the Fundació Mies van der Rohe presents Arquitectures model, a series of three short films about different topics on architecture with presentation by Ivan Blasi:

  • 60 Elephants. Episodes of a Theory, MICHAEL KLEIN, SASHA PIRKER, 2018. France-Austria. VOSC. 22′. Archivo digital
  • Une Vie radieuse, MERYLL HARDT, 2013. Int.: Jean-Jacques Brabant, Meryll Hardt, Blauwart Patrick. France. VOSC. 17′. Archivo digital
  • Sabaudia, LOTTE SCHREIBER, 2018. Austria. VOSC. 24′. Archivo digital.

The first film deals with the utopian work of Yona Friedman and his praise of self-planning. The second, the rigid idealism of an era and its reverse – what is the place of women in Le Corbusier’s modernist project? The third speaks of the good architecture and urban planning promoted by Italian fascism.




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