Dance by Institut del Teatre at The Museums Night - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Dance by Institut del Teatre at The Museums Night

The Mies van der Rohe Pavilion will have open doors and free access from seven in the afternoon until one in the morning. Besides coming to know and enjoy the Pavilion we invite you to see, from seven to eight, the proposals of the students of the Institut del Teatre that will offer a series of short pieces of contemporary dance designed especially for the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion: a different way to revisit the beauty of this space.

Program of performances:

Output 1-2 (5′) – Choreography and interpretation: Mabel Olea

* Saro Nokta * (10′) – Direction: Adrián Vega – Choreography: Night Dive – Interpretation: Tanit Cobas and Jaume Luque.

“I Nex Then” (7’25’) – Choreography: Johan Inger – Interpretation: Judith Amengual, Silvia Pellisera, Ángel Mateo, Ignacio Jiménez, Rocío Suárez and Carla Moll.

Bailes de histéricas (extract: 10′) – Direction, creation and interpretation: Carmen Muñoz – Costumes: Cristina Granero.

Am I what? (10′) – Choreography: Elvi Balboa – Interpretation: Elvi Balboa, Carla Moll, Lukas Daniel Blaha, Manuel Encinas, Marta Garcia, Omar Torrico, Raquel Romero, Laia Camps Moll, Raphael Miro Holzer.

La raíz (7′) – Choreography and interpretation: Almudena Pardo.

Poema circular (15′) – Direction and creation: Lorena Nogal – Production: Festival Sismògraf and CSD / Institut del Teatre. – Interpretation: Goretti Pie, Uxia Pérez, Lucía García, Gloria Budría, Carmen Carretero, Mabel Olea, María Jurado, Marina Fueyo, Mireia Torres, Laia Campos, Guillem Jimenez, Vera Palomino, Elvira Balboa, Paula Serrano, Rocío Suarez, Ignacio Jiménez , Marta Garcia, Carmen Campillo, Raphael Holzer.



18-5-2019, 19:00h-20:00h

Organised with

Institut del teatre


Mies van der Rohe Pavilion


Free activity
Without reservation
Limited capacity