SónarMies: Dazwischen by Lucrecia Dalt - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

SónarMies: Dazwischen by Lucrecia Dalt

SónarMies returns, the soundtrack of the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, with the performance Dazwischen, by Lucrecia Dalt.

In three solo sessions, the artist, along with the participation of Camille Mandoki, Sarah Winters and Jordi Salvado, offers us a sound, architectural and aesthetic investigation of the pavilion. As in a sound sculpture distributed over time the sound appears from its space dimension, without establishing a fixed listening point for the audience and gives rise to a sound ecosystem in which its speculative character participates in the listening and allows to investigate space through sound.

The loudspeakers in different points invite the public to seek their own experience in the relationship between sound and architectural elements by questioning from the sound experimentation the ideas of space continuity or the free floor structure of the Pavilion.

The intervention begins with Lucrecia Dalt reciting a poem inspired by the Pavilion sculpture and interacting with the other two performers that will continue to act when she moves to the mixing table from where she plays with textual components and vocal deconstruction, The building in an entity speaking in which different voices come together: face-to-face, relocated and even literary.

Curated by Sonia Fernández Pan and Lluís Nacenta this year’s performance adds to this program that has received the proposals of artists such as Francisco López, Edwin van der Heide, Alex Arteaga, Lucio Capece, Tristan Perich and Mark Bain.

Limited entrance by order of arrival: free entry with the annual pass “Amics de la Fundació” or with any Sónar accreditation. General public ticket 5 € available on site.

Photos: Anna Mas
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18-7-2019 > 20-7-2019, 22:30h

Organised with


Sonia Fernández Pan and Lluís Nacenta


Mies van der Rohe Pavilion



Ticket: 5 € at the Pavilion entrance

Free acces with:

Annual Pass – Amics de la Fundació

Ticket Sónar

Limited capacity

Inaugural performance 16-7-2019 at 21.30. Only with invitation.

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