SónarMies: Dazwischen by Lucrecia Dalt

Sónar Mies continues its journey and adds to the series of sound pieces curated by Lluís Nacenta in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion for Sónar + D a new intervention: Dazwischen. Sónar Mies has included in previous years proposals by Francisco López, Edwin van der Heide, Alex Arteaga, Tristan Perich and Mark Bain and this time Lucrecia Dalt is the one in charge of the intervention.
The proposal of Lucrecia Dalt for the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion within the official Sonar 2019 program takes up some of the ideas of the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe that were very present in the construction of the building, especially those that refer to spatial continuity and its free plant structure. The exploration of edges, separations and divisions, in addition to the dialectical tension between inside and outside is something that is also very present in Anticlines, the last album by Lucrecia Dalt.

Dazwischen is a project that gathers both architectural and sound research, to propose an experience of experiences from elements that are able to activate this tension between the inside and the outside of the building through the sound and the distribution of the different elements that make it possible, using sound from its potential to question the spatial limits it occupies. Likewise, this project wants to continue exploring the strong textual component and vocal deconstruction of Lucrecia Dalt’s work through what we might call a kind of architectural orality that makes the pavilion become an animistic and speaking entity capable of contributing from its material dimension to the flow of consciousness raised by Dazwischen, a German concept where the unexpected and the intermediate condition come together.

Dazwischen is presented as a “sonic scultpure performance” distributed in the time in which the sound appears from its sculptural and spatial dimension, without establishing a fixed listening point for the audience. Dazwischen will take place at different times during the days of the festival, appearing for the first time in the form of the festival’s inaugural concert.

The work of Lucrecia Dalt proposes an intertwining between theoretical-scientific research and the dream experience to give rise to a sound ecosystem in which its speculative nature also participates in listening. In this, the voice acquires a great prominence, both for its aesthetic participation within a mutant and multi-dimensional organism, as well as for its discursive condition, proper to the omniscient narration of science fiction.

Geotechnical engineer by profession, the Colombian Lucrecia Dalt currently resides in Berlin. In his sonorous production, the exploration of limits and edges is very present, resulting in his last and sixth album: Anticlines. In this he pays special attention and care to rhythm, breathing or texture, modifying micro-tonally the distance between speech and music while integrating rhythmic structures that convert the form into content within his compositions. Vocal processing, spoken word, singing and environmental music allow to create a process of concatenation in which one memory replaces another. They are joined by an investigation of space through sound in which physicality is as important in the present as the possibility of various geological and historical invocations.

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foto: Aina Climent Belart
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18-7-2019 > 20-7-2019, 22:30h

Organised with


Sonia Fernández Pan and Lluís Nacenta


Mies van der Rohe Pavilion



Ticket: 5 € at the Pavilion entrance

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