Artists in Architecture, Re-Activating Modern European Houses results presentation in Brussels

The exhibition Artists in Architecture. Re-Activating Modern European Houses showcases the outcomes of the residencies featuring a photographic documentation by Antoine Espinasseau and a publication by Belgian art magazine HART.

In the framework of the opening of Artists in Architecture. Re-Activating Modern European Houses, a talk with the artists and the partners of the project is organised at BOZAR, followed by a live performance by dancers involved in a research master at P.A.R.T.S (Eimi Leggett, Mooni Van Tichel and Thimoty Nouzak). The performance is part of the final work by Jacques Ligot developed during his residency at the Strebelle House in Uccle (Studio-garden Verrewinkel).

Six artists and architects were selected through an open call in spring 2019 to set up residence for two weeks during summer in six different single-family houses to reflect on future approaches to the preservation, restoration and re-activation of heritage sites.
Each of the residents developed a singular project that underlines a lesser-known European cultural aggregate, either in situ, outside the walls or even in the public space.

The study of (in)tangible architectural heritage was tackled by:
Jacques Ligot (FR) – House of Belgian artist Olivier Strebelle, Uccle, Belgium
Something Fantastic & Fernanda Tellez (DE) – Willy van der Meeren House, Tervuren, Belgium
Susanne Mariacher & Helene Schauer (AT) – Marcel Iancu House, Bucharest, Romania
Luke James (FR) – House of artist Sol LeWitt, Praiano, Italy
Elena Mazzi (IT) – Casina Fiorelli, Pompeii, Italy
Ben Weir (IR) Casa Vilaró, Barcelona, Spain




13-11-2019 < 12-1-2020 , Vernissage 12-11-2019, 18:00h

Organised with

Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II,
Studio-garden Verrewinkel

European Commission
Creative Europe
2018 European Year of Cultural Heritage


BOZAR Centre for Fine Arts, Rue Ravensteinstraat 23, Brussels, Belgium