Beautiful Failures | Stella Rahola Matutes and Roger Paez

For 4 exclusive days the intervention Beautiful Failures totally transforms the Pavilion. The students of the Masters’s degree in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces (MEATS) of Elisava led by Stella Rahola Matutes and Roger Paez present an intervention that reflects the result of the academic research of questioning fragility and vulnerability using the two most delicate materials of the construction of the Pavilion: glass and travertine.

This intervention is part of the program of academic collaborations that activate the Pavilion as a public platform to dissolve the boundaries between architectural research and the arts, bring together and generate synergies between the academic world, artistic production and architectural culture.

“Seventeen raised travertine slabs show seventeen pits around which defective pieces of glass are arranged, originating from artisan workshops in the city of Barcelona. The new landscape resulting from the partial uplift of the pavement and its relationship to the discarded glass finds analogies with an archaeological stratigraphic excavation. The proposal is a ceremonial action that rides between the discovery and the funeral ceremony, between the mortuary and what is revealed to us. Simultaneously understood as a rite of discovery and burial, this temporary intervention in the pavilion establishes a cycle of birth, death, and rebirth where all elements play an important role — from the pavilion’s own history understood not only as a replica but also as a living entity, implicit in actions with travertine, until the life accumulated in each of the pieces of glass.”

Stella Rahola Matutes and Roger Paez






15-04-2021 < 18-04-2021

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MEATS Elisava-Fundació Mies van der Rohe


Mies van de Rohe Pavilion


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MEATS Elisava, Stella Rahola Matutes, Roger Paez

MEATS Elisava:
Faculty: Stella Rahola Matutes + Roger Paez
Students: Dalia Al-Akki, Agustina Angelini, Jana Antoun, Juan Arizti, Momen Bakry, Dastan Bissenov, Marta Borreguero, Elena Caubet, Ines Fernandez, Malak Ghemraoui, John Gillen, Tanvi Gupta, Stephanie Ibrahim, Tracy Jabbour, Yunling Jin, Liana Kalaitzoglou, Jad Karam, Gal·la Knoph, Selen Kurt, Julia Llorens, Alexa Nader, Joelle Nader, Assil Naji, Mokshuda Narula, Elsa Romero, Chloë Rood, Tiago Rosado, Eirini Sampani, Montserrat Sevilla, Brentsen Solomon, Giulia Tufariello, Irini Vazanellis,  Kuan Yi Wu, Alexandra Zaitceva.
MEATS Directors: Toni Montes + Roger Paez