Biennial of Thought Ciutat Oberta

Fundació Mies van der Rohe joins the Biennale of Thought Ciutat Oberta with Anna Ramos’ participation in the round table “Heritage: Science and Technology“, the first debate of the cycle that will focus on the advantages and expectations opened by new technologies in the field of heritage. The conversation will address the issue from both the most scientific and digital field to discuss the advantages and expectations opened by new technologies. In this sense, science and technology are basic in order to reduce the framework of subjectivity and to strengthen collective knowledge and the dissemination of information.
The sessions will be broadcast live on the municipal YouTube channel of Urban Ecology and will be attended by architects, restorers, engineers and other experts who will reflect on the protection of heritage in the framework of contemporary society. An opportunity to share reflections on issues such as the concept of “heritage” in Barcelona; possible ways to protect the architecture arising in recent decades or how it would be possible to associate science and technology with heritage.

In addition, Fundació contributes by lending some of the material included in the two exhibitions “Bacanals de coneixement: una reflexió al voltant de l’escola Bauhaus i l’educació” and “Catàstrofes i ciència. Rapidesa i exactitud en el pensament científic”.