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EUandME: 5 short films, 5 young directors, 5 European stories

Within the framework of the Pantalla Pavelló film series, five fiction short films by five  European directors are screened on the travertine of the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion. The authors are young novel directors from all over Europe who won the prize of the contest called by the European Commission within the framework of the #EUandME initiative to bring Europe to young people and explain the benefits of belonging to the European Union.

The films that can be seen are the following:

Conspiracy, Magdalena Załęcka (29, Poland): a young man explains to his family that he wants to travel around Europe. Terrified with the idea, they design all kind of conspiracy theories to make her change her mind.

The dream cut, Vlad Muko (27, Estonia): a young man returns to his father home, who dreams of opening a barber shop and helps him make his dream come true.

Hidden values, Galambos Levente (21, Hungary): a single father feels that he has a distant relationship with his daughter but during a car trip he realizes that broken relationships, as well as broken toys, can be repaired.

The sound of mine, Jaime Olías (29, Spain): an autistic boy always wears headphones to isolate himself from outside sounds. One day he discovers that the only sound he tolerates is that of the sea and makes it an advantage.

The new world Simphony, Eugen Dediu (22, Romania): how do a group of musicians from all over the world do it to rehearse a play together?

Before the event, the director of one of the films, Jaime Olías de Lima will talk with Bibiana Ballbè about his film and the ability to explain the EU through fiction.

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9-9-2019, 21:00h

Organised with

European Commission – Representation in Barcelona


Mies van der Rohe Pavilion


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