Europe’s best Buildings. The European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture. Mies van der Rohe Award 2015

The exhibition is a visual and audio tour of the best 420 works built in the European Union in the last two years, a critical look at Contemporary European Architecture, marked by the global social, political and economic context. Large scale photos surrounded by local sounds allow a closer feeling of the atmosphere of the buildings: a unique experience of these spaces that normally can only be enjoyed by those who live, work and use them. Special attention has been given to specific data such as the characteristics of the commission, construction dates and use programs or geographical conditions and its contextualization, with the intention of offering visitors the possibility to shape their own critical opinion on today’s architecture. The exhibition is also redirected towards social networks with access to internet video channels and the Fundació and EUAward social networks to offer the possibility of supplementing the information and access to the debate on social networks. It is also complemented with discussions, conversations and presentations that will accompany the activities associated with the 2015 Award in the next two years. Through not only models but also 1to1 scale pieces we have another reading of buildings and construction materials that can assess the scale and tectonics; contextualization and relationships between works that derive from the different creative processes of their authors.

Exhibition Opening: Friday, 9th September 2016, 7pm.
Visiting hours:
Tue, Thu— Sun 11.00 — 18.00
Wed 11.00 — 20.00



10-09-2016 > 23-10-2016


DAM - Deutsches Architekturmuseum, Frankfurt