Francesco Arena. Lettura in 3 parti per il Padiglione - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Francesco Arena. Lettura in 3 parti per il Padiglione

Reading time can be slow or fast, depending on what is read, how it is read or what level of reading comprehension we want to achieve. In Lettura in 3 parti per il Padiglione, three
interpreters “read” a text divided into three parts in the Pavilion. The reading is not vocal but physical: the text translated into Morse code is beaten on three different surfaces of the Pavilion. Inside, an artist emits the first part of the text hitting the glass with a finger. Another interpreter continues with the second part of the text using the hand and one of the marble walls, and the third interpreter transmit sthe third part of the text with his hand on the surface of the pool water.

The point of the Morse code is translated with a short tap of the hand, while the line is translated with a tap of the hand on the surface of marble, glass or water. The text consists in the list of the 368 Eritrean migrants who died in the sinking of October 3, 2013 near the island of Lampedusa. Only 30 bodies were recognized, while the others remain unidentified;
in Morse code: ..- -. … – … -. – .. ..-. … – ..

The choice of this text/list is determined by the need to change the time of use of an event; the news is always new, the time of memory collapses in the news, and that is why the text is translated into Morse code, slowing the reading and thus making it incomprehensible to passers-by, elevating it to another level and merging it with something lasting as architecture and its materials with their own meaning, an architecture in this case alien to the place where it is but where it coexists and, in fact, it identifies it.



12-07-2018 at 19:30h

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