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Maintenance and improvements in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion

Since we want to welcome you back soon looking our best, these days that the Pavilion is closed, we have also taken the opportunity to do a thorough cleaning. We have arranged the garden, each and every one of the marbles have been treated with controled pressurized water and the sculpture is being restored.

Cutting the perimeter olive-privet fence, which spring made bloom vigorously, has been necessary and we have been able to replant the ivy carpet which has grown thick. This quiet time has brought more birds than ever, dragonflies come close to the water in freshly cleaned ponds and butterflies cheer the oleander flowers, the oyster plants’ ears and the magnolia buds that are just getting ready to linger in the exhuberant garden.

The sculpture by Georg Kolbe also receives its beauty treatment with an accurate process of restoration and conservation. Exposure to sun, mud rains and changes in humidity and temperature over thirty-five years have created a coating on the  bronze surface and flattened the modeling details compromising its state of preservation.

The intervention reveals and demonstrates the artist’s intention through the details of the creation process: the spatulation marks and small incisions explain the chosen tools and the rust points make us conclude that the technique used to melt the metal is lost-wax.

With the aim of recovering the original spirit and its ability to trigger emotion (pathos) that this piece initially had, stabilize it and exalt its appearance, its surface has been homogenized by eliminating the green drips of chlorides resulting from the process of oxidation and corrosion. This way it has reclaimed its original coating of an earthy colour: rosso indiano with which it parted from the foundry in Berlin one day on its way to Barcelona.




13-3-2020 < 5-6-2020


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