Meeting "A propósito de Anna Bofill Levi" - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Meeting “A propósito de Anna Bofill Levi”

The Foundation Mies van der Rohe and SCALAE, editorial activism in architecture, present the meeting ”A propósito de Anna Bofill Levi” at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion.

Anna Bofill Levi is an architect doctor, pianist and composer, a pioneering personality and a reference in the incorporation of the social and gender perspective in architecture and music. In her career, she actively combines her passion for logic, mathematics and art. She will present us a synthesis of her current work. To continue, the conversation will be generated with the comments and questions of a zero row in which Anna Noguera, Anna Ramos, Clara Solà-Morales, Francesc Cornado, Helena Martín Nieva, Isabel Segura, Jean-Pierre Dupuy and Joan Izquierdo participate

After the debate, Joan Izquierdo will perform live a piece composed by Anna Bofill Levi to close the gathering, and the opportunity will be given to share an aperitif and conversations among those attending the meeting in the open space of the Pavilion.



13-10-2021, 19h

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