Music Pavilion: Sistergold saxophon quartet - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Music Pavilion: Sistergold saxophon quartet

Music Pavilion offers once again a concert in collaboration with the Goethe Foundation, always a great opportunity to enjoy music in this space that makes it special.

Sistergold, a quartet of saxophone formed by four women, has prepared for this concert in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion a repertoire in homage to the anniversary of the Bauhaus. With a creative style and musical perfection, musicians offer a program that transports us to the happy 20’s in which Germany leaves behind a time of conservative rigidity and opens up to creativity. Architecture, music, literature, art, dance and theater find new forms of expression of which the Bauhaus school, which Mies van der Rohe directed shortly after the construction of the Pavilion, is an emblematic exponent.
With his way of interpreting music and interacting with the public, Sistergold promises musical excellence and fun.

The Sistergold are:

Sister Baritone Kerstin Röhn
Transverse flute and saxophone. Teacher of saxophone at the University of Kassel. Address of the group of saxophonists Unisax.

Sister Tenor Sigrun Krüger
Saxophone, clarinette and transverse flute. Studies of pedagogy of culture. Instrumentalist teacher and workshop teacher.

Sister Alto Elisabeth Flämig
Studies of Culture Science and improvisation theater. School of Music in Hildesheim. Teacher of saxophone and transverse flute.

Sister Soprano Inken Röhrs
Classic piano and saxophone. Studies of pedagogy of culture, music, theater and tap dance in Germany and abroad.



17-9-2019, 20:00h

Organised with

Fundación Goethe


Mies van der Rohe Pavilion