Open doors and puppet theater by La Mercè

On the weekend of the Mercè, apart from the open doors, we invite you to enjoy the pavilion with a family activity.

On this occasion and in the context of the centenary of the Bauhaus we propose a very special puppet show. As mobile witnesses of the Bauhaus, at the hands of Christian Fuchs, replicas of 10 dolls created at the Weimar School in 1923 will represent “The Adventures of the Little Hunchback.” Before they will explain to us how they were created in 1923 by the students who experimented in the Bauhaus stage workshop under the direction of Oskar Schlemmer for this work of the collection “Fairy Tales of 1001 Nights” without then being represented. This time they will act, almost without words, accompanied by live Paul Hindemith’s contemporary piano music.

Saturday 21: 17:00h
Sunday 22: 11:00h i 13:00h






Mies van der Rohe Pavilion