Book presentation "Paisatges habitacionals: de la geografia a l'ecologia" (Housing landscapes: from geography to ecology) - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Book presentation “Paisatges habitacionals: de la geografia a l’ecologia” (Housing landscapes: from geography to ecology)

AxA presents a publication that is an editorial project that is developed from two approaches to the housing landscape.

On the one hand, the landscape is documented from a geographical understanding of the inhabitant, a description of the project of the collective house from specific points of view that configure the book as a device of intentional observation of the ‘social housing where the ideas that have been produced by the group of architects through the competitions of the Metropolitan Area of ​​Barcelona (AMB·IMPSOL) during the last years are unfolded.

In a second approach to the housing landscape, the book is understood as a landscape seen from an ecological understanding of living, as a dynamic functional relationship between the components that make it up.

A compilation of fragments, ideas, images, technical documents, texts that are arranged in such a way that reading the book constitutes a performative act of projection by the reader, making him a participant in the definition of the ecologies of housing.



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