Bauhaus Spirit - Pantalla Pavelló · Berlin: Architecture, Cinema and Bauhaus - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Bauhaus Spirit – Pantalla Pavelló · Berlin: Architecture, Cinema and Bauhaus


Niels Bolbrinker & Thomas Tielsch, Germany, 2019, 90 ‘, VOS English. Premiere in Spain
One hundred years ago a radical artistic utopia was born in a quiet town in Germany. Founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus had to combine sculpture, painting, design and architecture into a single constructive discipline. A combination of liberated imagination and rigorous structure, hybrid concepts that embellish and enrich our existence, illumination and clarity, order and self-assurance. The Bauhaus with its influential contemporary designs constituted one of the most important contributions to the daily life of the 20th century and was never limited to being just an artistic experiment. Confronted with the social conditions of that particular era, as well as the experience of the First World War, the Bauhaus had the political and social connotations of design from the very first moment. The history of the Bauhaus is therefore not only the history of art, but also the history of an era that stretches from the early twentieth century to the present.
BAUHAUS SPIRIT describes the fascinating history of the Bauhaus as an affirmation, but also the failure and renewal of a social utopia. It tells the story of contemporary artists, scientists, and architects, who, through their current challenges, also relate to the Bauhaus. In this way, the story of the unfinished utopian project with its many references is shown through questions valid today: How do we want to live? Where do we want to go?
Presentation of the film and Q & A by Martin Garber, architect and Ojo Cónico director and by Carolina B. Garcia, Dra. Architect and professor of the Department of Architectural Composition of the School of Architecture of Barcelona.
Bauhaus Spirit, is sponsored by Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, European Union Creative Europe Program, Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Mitteldeutsche Medienförderung, BKM, ZDF/ARTE and Bauhaus Dessau Foundation.
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Relations between spaces and social structures 

‘Pantalla Pavelló’ is the film series that pushes out into the relationship between the built en¬vironment, its limits and its borders, and the people who inhabit it, and how this relationship is accentuated and revealed in its maximum expression. Architecture, and with it our cities, determines and influences how we live in the same way as our rules of coexistence and the laws that govern our societies. A reflection on the built environment around us, the cities we want and therefore the society we desire.





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