Programme 2020 - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Programme 2020

This 2020 the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion is activated more than ever as a public platform to dissolve the boundaries between architectural research and the arts, promoting the dissemination of architecture in collaboration with an extensive and varied network of entities and people.

The 2020 program brings together and generates synergies between academia, artistic production and the architectural culture of cities and territories.

It also gets closer than ever to the general public incorporating as a highlight the first 12 Sundays of the month as open days that add to those already established and proposes to reach the 100,000 visitors annually.

The program of interventions in the Pavilion acts as a way to maintain active interpretations of the Pavilion, this year it presents the proposals by Mario Pasqualotto (Festival Llum Barcelona), Katarzyna Karkowiak (Sónar Mies) and Laercio Redondo (Barcelona Gallery Weekend).

The 2020 program highlights the actions and performances resulting from academic collaborations and architectural research: Beatiful Failures with Stella Rahola and Roger Paez (Elisava), P!DF by Prem Krishnamurthy (EINA) and two more collaborations, one with Luke Olsen and MIAS Architects (Barlett School) and the other with Ciro Najle, Anna Font and Josep Ferrando (Universitat Torcuato di Tella). Finally, Re-enactment: the work of Lilly Reich occupies the Barcelona Pavilion, by Laura Martínez de Guereñu, will present the results of the first edition of the Lilly Reich Grant for Equality in Architecture.

Publications, educational activities, exhibitions, visits and activities in the Pavilion complete this new program that we hope you also like, interests you and that you participate!



1-1-2020 < 31-12-2020


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