“The Grid” - Eugenia López Reus & Miguel Jaime - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

“The Grid” – Eugenia López Reus & Miguel Jaime

Art critic Rosalind Kraus said that modernity of Barcelona Pavilion relies on its grid, and that this grid announces “modern art’s will to silence, its’ hostility to literature, to narrative, to discourse”. The first part of this assertion is revealing, and the second one is misleading. It is true that Barcelona Pavilion’s main contribution to modernity is related to its grid; but this grid is not hostile to culture and nature as it integrates them in a holistic manner, inspite of the fact that it does not mimic them. “The Grid” is a visual project that inquires the particular and exemplar way in which the Barcelona Pavilion celebrates culture and nature. The methodology used consists in representing the building through several points of view that are strictly attached to the order imposed by its material construction. This is a reflective process as it pursues objectivity through subjective perception, in perfect accordance with the inspiration behind the creation of the building itself. Unexpected events take place when the eye is placed rigorously (orthogonally) on the joints of Barcelona Pavilion. Thus, a sort of hidden harmony orchestrates geometry and nature, favoring the rhythmical coexistence of otherwise contradictory aspects.

CritTeam (Eugenia Lopez Reus and Miguel Jaime) is an art-research group that explores connections between art, design, architecture and culture.



8-11-2022 < 20-11-2022

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“The Grid”