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The Secret of Jellyfish

The creature that emerges from the water is a reflection that little by little becomes materialised: It is an image before it become a being, a desire before it becomes an image.
(G. Bachelard: Water and Dreams)

Dance event for four dancers and one actor
By Sabine Dahrendorf and Josep Sanou

All the choreographic sequences have been created especially for the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, thereby establishing an express dialogue with its unique spaces.
The danced images constitute a kaleidoscopic tissue in motion that generates the feeling of dissipation, between perceiving and imagining.
The dance, the sound space and the voice transform everything into rhythm, into pulsation and vibration, into an echo, that is multiplied by the reflecting surfaces.

Multiple layers of perception emerge to confront these gazes and perspectives. And it seems that we become bigger or smaller, depending on how far we are from the walls or corners. Like that feeling of astonishment when we perceive the reflection of G. Kolbe’s sculpture Der Morgen (Dawn) in the water, which by virtue of its particular dimensions establishes a different harmony in the blurred reflection moved by the echo of a dance, which decomposes the smooth surface of the water and prolongs the gesture in countless waves.
Our project revolves around that paradox between clarity and covertness. Between when you feel you are in the right and when you are not.

‘So, my forests of shaking laurels confidents of flights, and lilies of modest silence, do you conspire? Thank you! I want to take from the eternal daydream of young water lilies the stone that will sink its disperse fragments, and also to harvest green shoots from a languid vine, tomorrow on the sterile moss. Let us despise vile traitors.’ (Mallarmé)



15 & 16 September at 20:30h. 17 September at 21:30h

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Mies van der Rohe Pavilion

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Idea, direction
Sabine Dahrendorf
Josep Sanou

Sabine Dahrendorf and the team of dancers

Herve Costa
Sara Sanguino
Carol García
Lourdes Sol

Blai Llopis

Music and creation of sound space
Josep Sanou

Ebows construction
Ivan Dimitrov

Space, atrezzo
Llorenç Corbella
Sabine Dahrendorf
Alberto Pastor

Photography and video
Juan Urrios
Josep Sanou

Sound consultant
Albert García

Saskia Bender (dresses)
Helena Selfa Pons (dresses)
And the contribution of all the team

Kiko Selma

Text extracts from the works of
Perejaume, W.Shakespeare & S.Mallarmé

Music fragments of the Folías de España (interpreted by Jordi Savall)

Parachute (Loan by Danat Dansa painted by Darío Basso)

Thanks to the Goethe Institut, Agusí Ros, Pita Sound