The Mineral Model – Ciro Najle, Anna Font and Josep Ferrando

The pervasive horizontal continuity of the Miesian open space, unstably grounded by the diagonal shifts of the podium, subtly structured by the regular grid of slick columns, effortlessly steered by the loose distribution of partitions, and sharply ornamented by the abstract material pattern of the marble surfaces, is radically reversed in a Pavilion that celebrates spatial- material fullness. The Mineral Model grounds the organization of the counter-Miesian space on the systematization of the nuances of the patterns of surface ornamentation through a series of variables that program the invasion of space by carved sheets of glass, proliferating the partitions into the manifold layers of a space-matter compound, confusing the syntactic weight of the structural grid, populating the gap between podium and roof, and turning the interior into an archaic translucent labyrinth



29-10-2020 < 12-11-2020


Mies van der Rohe Pavilion