Reissue of “Mies van der Rohe. Barcelona Pavilion” to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Pavilion inauguration

Today we celebrate the 90th anniversary of the inauguration of the Pavilion with the reissue of the book Mies van der Rohe. Barcelona Pavilion updated with new reflections of those who rebuilt it in 1986.

On May 27, 1929 this building was erected as a manifesto of modern architecture and even today, through a story that has combined presence with absence, is an international reference.

At the beginning it was the German Pavilion in the international exhibition, a commission by which Mies van der Rohe and Lilly Reich chose a space at the edge of the esplanade that boiled with activity next to a large palace that left it in the shade but in half of the route that led from the Magic Fountain to the Spanish Village.

Only three months later it was dismantled and between 1929 and 1986, despite not being materially present, the documentary and emotional trace that the Pavilion had left in history, its constant presence in the studies and articles on modern architecture makes lucid the possibility to rebuild it.

Nowadays, thanks to its reconstruction, the Barcelona Pavilion can be visited in the same place for which it was designed and from the Fundació Mies van der Rohe we keep the commitment to make it known and accessible to everyone. Therefore, in addition to the many activities it hosts, open days and educational activities, we have fostered the production of studies, documentaries and publications, among which we present today, to celebrate this anniversary, the reissue of Mies van der Rohe. Barcelona Pavilion by Ignasi de Solà-Morales, Cristian Cirici and Fernando Ramos, authors of the reconstruction.

After a few years discontinued, it is available again with new texts that provide the perspective of the current look.

Publication available in Spanish and English