Relations between built spaces and social structures

‘Pantalla Pavelló’ is the film series directly projected on the travertine of the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion that delves into the relationship between the built environment, its limits and its borders, the people who inhabit it, and how this relationship is accentuated and revealed in its maximum expression. Architecture, and our cities along with it, determines and influences how we live in the same way as our rules of coexistence and the laws that govern our societies. A reflection on the built environment around us, the cities we want and therefore the society we desire.

Since 2016, Fundació Mies van der Rohe explores this relationship with its film series “Pantalla Pavelló”: a tour through various cities and their cinematographic depiction by projecting different films on the Pavilion’s travertine.

“Pantalla Pavelló” takes place between June and October and dedicates each edition to a different city.

In previous editions we have been able to enjoy the following selections:

Pantalla Pavelló Film Series 2016 (June-October 2016)

First edition of the summer film series in Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, organized on the occasion of the celebration of the 30th anniversary of its reconstruction.

The Architects – Introduction: Eva Franch and Martín Garber, architect

Elements– Introduction: Davide Rapp and Martín Garber, architect

Playtime– Introduction:Daniele Porretta, architect

El hombre de al lado– Introduction: Daniele Porretta, architect

Berlin: Die Sinfonie der Großstadt– Introduction:Celia Marín, architect

Warsaw Bridge– Introduction:Celia Marín, architect

2017: Margins, boundaries and borders

Relationships between built space and social structures (July-September)

The film series Pantalla Pavelló 2017 invited reflection about built spaces that sorround us, the cities and the society we desire. Architecture, and our cities along with it, is not only the backgoud and the innocuous scene where life happens, it also determines and influences the way of living in the same way that the regulations of coexistence that rule our societies do.

La zona (The zone)  Introduction: Miquel Fernández, PhD in Social Anthropology and Professor in the Sociology Department of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

Beasts of the Southern Wild– Introduction: Daniele Porretta, PhD in Theory and History of Architecture

High Rise– Introduction: Ester Jordana, Member of the Faculty of Contemporary Philosophy of the University of Barcelona (UB) and Professor at BAU.

2018: Roma, Stupenda e Misera Città (June- September) 

The city of Rome has endured a special relationship with cinema for many decades, since it has been the scene and protagonist of hundreds of films and because it is home to Cinecittà’s studios, where around 3,000 films have been shot.

Caro diario – Introduction: Cecilia Ricciarelli, Phd in cinema and IED professor.

La grande bellezza – Introduction: Celia Marin, architect and ETSAB professor.

Sacro GRA – Introduction: Martin Garber, architect and Ojo Cónico director.

Lo chiamavano Jeeg Robot – Introduction: Andrea Tappi, historian and professor.

Organized by Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Curator: Daniele Porretta, architect and professor at ELISAVA.


2019: Berlin: Architecture, Cinema and Bauhaus · Pantalla Pavelló film series 

The film series Pantalla Pavelló 2019 paid tribute to the 100 years of the Bauhaus school, a combination of liberal imagination and rigorous structure that links in the social context and and connects the story of a period that extends from the beginning of the 20th century until now.

Bauhaus Spirit – Introduction and Q&A: Martin Garber, architect and director of Ojo Cónico

Berlin Babylon – Introduction: Francesca Ferguson, founder of “Make City, Berlin”

Gebaute Bewegung i Die Fahrt durchs Haus – Introduction: Lukas Staudinger, architect and editor of “Make City, Berlin”

Berlin, simphony of a great city – Introduction: Rafael Cañete, sound artist, and Celia Marín, architect

EUandME: 5 short films, 5 young directors, 5 european stories – Introduction: Bibiana Ballbé and Jaime Olías

2020: Mies in America- postponed until summer 2021

The 2020 edition of the Pantalla Pavelló film series has been cancelled following indicatios to contain the spreading of COVID-19.  We hope to welcome you back in a new edition in 2021!

‘Pantalla Pavelló’ continues to delve deeper into the relationship between the built space, its boundaries and its borders, and the inhabitants that reside there. Architecture, and with it the cities, determines and influences the way we live in the same way that our rules of coexistence and the laws that regulate societies do. Following the two previous cycles of Pantalla Pavelló, dedicated to Rome and Berlin – the Rome from which came the travertine to build and rebuild the Pavilion and the Berlin of the Bauhaus of Mies van der Rohe – the cycle Pantalla Pavelló 2020 now visits the United States of the architect and brings us closer to the Chicago of the 30s.