‘Per Amor a les Arts’ in La Filmoteca - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

‘Per Amor a les Arts’ in La Filmoteca

The Fundació Mies van der Rohe collaborates by choosing two films to be part of “Per Amor a les Arts” cinema series program, organized by Filmoteca de Catalunya and Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC), with the aim of disseminating the architecture to new audiences.

All the artistic disciplines are represented in the cycle, which also counts with the proposals of other important cultural institutions in the city such as L’Auditori, Gran Teatre del Liceu, Institució de les Lletres Catalanes, Mercat de les Flors, Palau de la Música, Biblioteques Públiques de Catalunya, Teatre Lliure, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Fundació Joan Miró, Foment de les Arts i del Disseny, Museu del Disseny de Barcelona.

In this edition our selection is:

Master Building 110 ‘
Eduardo Coutinho 2002,

The stories of neighbours of a twelve-story building in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro, captured by a cinema strongly marked by chance and spontaneity: “The only thing that is real is the encounter between the documentary maker and the character – the act to shoot-, and with this reality I have enough. I record this meeting “. (E. Coutinho)


Los Angeles Plays Itself 169 ‘
Thom Andersen 2013,

It compares the city as it exists in real life with its depictions on screen to examine how L.A. and its massive community have been misrepresented over the years.


The New Bauhaus 89 ‘
Alysa Nahmias 2019,

The narration of the life and ideas of the Hungarian artist László Moholy-Nagy in a period of great dynamism for the world of design and architecture. From his years as a teacher at the Bauhaus in Germany to the founding of the New Bauhaus in the United States in 1937.


In previous years we have presented the following film selections:

Also known as Jihadi – Eric Baudelaire, 2017

Mies on scene: Barcelona en dos actes – Xavier Campreciós i Pep Martín, 2018
Dona a Contrallum – Albert Badia i 15-L / Enric Llorach
Manifesto – Julian Rosefeldt, 2015
60 elephants. Episodes of a theory. – Michel Klein and Sasha Pirker, 2018

Columbus – Kogonada, 2017
Ce gigantesque retournement de la terre – Claire Angelini, 2015

Cube – Vicenzo Natali, 1997
L’Amatore – Maria Mauti, 2016
Blade Runner – Ridley Scott, 1982


Edificio Master – Eduardo Coutinho (2002)

Los Angeles Plays Itself Thom Andersen (2003)

The New Bauhaus 
Alysa Nahmias (2019)

always Tuesday at 17 p.m.