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Spanish Architectures: Crónica desde Europa

The Prize for Contemporary Architecture of the European Union – Mies van der Rohe Prize, since two years after Spain joined the European Union in 1986, has been the instrument for practicing architects, critics and other agents involved in the construction and transformation of European territory to value European architecture.

Experts and international juries have analyzed and visited meticulously the architecture built in Spain and have considered it worthy of the Award in 7 occasions. The first was in 1992 with the Pavelló Olímpic de Badalona by Bonell i Rius. They were followed in 2001 by the Kursaal in San Sebastián by Rafael Moneo and in 2007 by the MUSAC in León by Mansilla + Tuñon. In 2011, 2013 and 2015, the prize for the emerging architect was granted to the Casa Collage in Girona by Bosch+Capdeferro, the Red Bull Music Academy / Nave de Música Matadero Madrid by Langarita+Navarro and Casa Luz in Cilleros (Cáceres) by Arquitectura- G, respectively. In 2015, the Prize was awarded to the Szczecin Philharmonic in Poland, a project of Barozzi / Veiga studio, established in Barcelona.

These architectures, built at different times in contemporary European history, have had an influence beyond the Spanish borders and have been linked to major events such as the Expos and the Olympic Games, the application of the structural and cohesion funds of the Union European Union and political decisions that help improve the quality of the territory.

The exhibition “Spanish Architectures. Chronicle from Europe “is a journey through the more than 300 architectures built in Spain, or by Spanish architects in Europe, who have been nominated for the Award during its 30-year history. “Great Events”, “Urban Repairs”, “Cultural Catalysts”, “Interiors”, “The Small”, “Movements” and “The Absent”, are the 7 chapters that suggest a grouping form from the 7 winning works .



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