Exhibitions Archives - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

The Fundació Mies van der Rohe regularly organizes traveling exhibitions that document their own Architecture Awards. Ultra these, others are also organized dealing with issues related to the broad lines of modern and contemporary architecture, both historical and current. For this purpose, it combines exhibitions of own production with others that have been made in collaboration with related entities.

  • EUmies Awards Exhibitions

  • “Transformation Strategies: European Architecture as Caregiver” EU Mies Award Exhibition in Dubai

  • Large-Scale Transformation, a New Sustainability Challenge. Kleiburg in Amsterdam, Grand Parc in Bordeaux.

  • Exhibition and debate “Architecture is of Public Interest” in Moscow

  • Architectures on the Waterfront

  • EU Mies Award Polska

  • Spanish Architectures: Crónica desde Europa

  • The Lives of the Pavilion. Intermittent account of an essential space

  • Constructing Europe

  • Shenzhen Biennale. Europe: on Borders, Value and Quality