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Artists in Architecture. Reactivating european modern houses

We invite you to come to the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion to see the artistic intervention that the architect Ben Weir presents as the closure of his artist residence within the programme Artists in Architecture. Re-activating modern European houses. This programme invited six artists to six unique houses in Europe with the aim of revitalising them, stimulating debate on the heritage value of domestic architecture and preventing time from turning initially pioneering projects into relics.
In Barcelona’s case, it was carried out in Casa Vilaró, a rationalist work by the architect Sixte Illescas. Ben Weir stayed there, documented and thought about the way in which these heritage pieces travel through time in the difficult balance between remaining intact and preserved as if they were a museum piece but also adapting to the requirements of the new uses that circumstances require.

Ben Weir, in his role as a researcher, an interpreter and a translator, offers this house an alternative life by conceptualising it in an artistic project and captures the fragments of the alterations made to Casa Vilaró in models on a scale of 1:10. These pieces are now installed in the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, together with the projection of an interview with the author and a newspaper edited by Ariadna Perich that with pictures, an essay by Ben Weir and other texts, documents the reflections to which the project has led.

With your visit you can take home a free copy of this publication in the format of a written press that we are sure you will like to look at, read and most probably keep.



19-11-2020 < 10-12-2020


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