Kasta Macka - Klara Lidén - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Kasta Macka – Klara Lidén

The  Fundació Mies van der Rohe, within the framework of the Loop Festival, presents the artistic intervention Kasta Macka. A selection of works by Klara Lidén that proposes to reflect on the relations between the body and space through four works that are presented simultaneously on screens located in various points of the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion.

Under the title of Paralyzed we see how a passenger on a train transforms into an anarchic and wild dancer who completely ignores social conventions and other passengers. In 550 the artist pedals and sings and cries to the piano with the naked torso in a junk-filled apartment without the knowledge of the owners. In Untitled (Trashcan) Lidén enters almost static and disappears into the garbage can of a small almost empty room, under the record of a surveillance camera. In Kasta Macka, which is the Swedish name of the game of blowing up a pebble on the surface of the water, adds the challenge of throwing a growing object until the gesture becomes an absurd physical effort in the solitude of the night to the big city.

The artist carries in these pieces the contemplative act, dance, song or creation beyond the rules, both implicit and explicit, of the places of her actions that are thus transformed into acts that rethink social norms and the functions of the private and public space as a way to urge viewers to reconsider the possibilities of urban space and the exercise of their freedoms.

Klara Lidén (Stockholm, Sweden, 1979) is a contemporary artist who currently lives and works in Berlin and New York. She studied architecture and her work highlights the installations and videos that respond to specific architectural environments.

“Part of me is this poor architect dealing with the problem of existing structures in the city, part of me is this amateur dancer or performer who wants to return ideas of rhythm to the activity of building, or of reappropriating the built environment.”—Klara Lidén

Works presented (Julia Stoschek Collection):

Kasta Macka, 2009, video, 3′45″, color, sound.
Untitled (Trashcan), 2011, video, 2′56″, color, sound.
550, 2004, video, 2′56″, color, sound.
Paralyzed, 2003, video, 3′, color, sound.




16-11-2019 > 24-11-2019


Mies van der Rohe Pavilion