Pavelló de Música: Fukio Saxophone Quartet concert - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Pavelló de Música: Fukio Saxophone Quartet concert

In the framework of the Music Pavilion Programme, we invite you, in collaboration with Fundación Goethe, to a concert by Fukio Saxophone Quartet.

Fukio is a saxophone quartet from Cologne integrated by Joaquín Sáez Belmonte (soprano saxophone), Xavier Larsson Páez (alto saxophone), José Manuel Bañuls Marcos (tenor saxophone) and Xabier Casal Ares (baritone saxophone) with a renowned task in the creation of new repertoire for saxophone quartet.

For this occasion, the performers have prepared a programme specially dedicated to the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, which includes pieces by Erik Satie, Georg Friedrich Haas, Caroline Shaw and William Albright, seeking analogies with the architecture that welcomes them.

Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy music in this space that makes it special!

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Trois Gymnopédies (1888) – Erik Satie (1866-1925) 10’
It is a brief, transparent and lucid music that seems to be a perfect analogy to what Mies van der Rohe and Lily Reich achieve with their composition in the Pavilion. Small and ephemeral; building and music, but of outstanding historical significance.

Saxophonquartett (2014) –  Georg Friedrich Haas (1953) 12’
Haas is one of the greatest representatives of spectral music. In this piece he starts from the timbral decomposition by means of repetition in an ostinato on which he deploys the series of natural harmonics and the micro-intervallic from the beginning to the end.

Entr’acte (2011) – Caroline Shaw (1982) Arreglo Fukio Quartet 12’
The melodic and harmonic materials multiply in intense expressive shifts from Haydn’s singular reflection and challenge the quartet members to find their own ways of blending and moving together as a dynamic unit.

Fantasy Etudes – William Albright (1944 – 1998­) 24’
Six compositions “against type”, meaning inspired by sounds that are not normally related to the saxophone, under the influence of American jazz. The movements relate to each other, creating a common sonic space.
Prelude: Index represents the core ideas of each movement.
Etude Nr. 1: A Real Nice Number, a tribute to the feline character of Claude Debussy’s music
Etude Nr. 2: Pypes, inspired by the music of Highland Bagpipe. with the sections ‘Sleeping pypes’, ‘Snapping pypes’, ‘Yakketing pypes’, ‘Clanking pypes’, ‘Heralding pypes’, ‘Wailing pypes’ and ‘Horning pypes’.
Etude Nr. 3: The Fives for Steve, is based on five-part structures, in memoriam to the composer Stephen Albert.
Etude Nr. 4: Phantom Galop inspired by all kinds of call sounds from whistles, horns to ducks.
Etude Nr. 5: Harmonium inspired by the composer’s experiences as a child, when he played the Harmonium at his parents’ house.
Etude Nr. 6: They Only Come Out at Night is a final romping through several types of commercial music and Big Band music.




20-9-2021, 20:00

Organised with

Fundación Goethe


Mies van der Rohe Pavilion


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