Gebaute Bewegung + Die Fahrt durchs Haus - Pantalla Pavelló · Berlin: Architecture, Cinema and Bauhaus - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Gebaute Bewegung + Die Fahrt durchs Haus – Pantalla Pavelló · Berlin: Architecture, Cinema and Bauhaus

‘Pantalla Pavelló’ is the film series directly projected on the Pavilion’s travertine that explores the relationship between the built space, its boundaries and its borders, and the inhabitants that reside there, and how this relationship is accentuated and revealed in its maximum expression. This year, dedicated to the Bauhaus on its centenary with the title Berlin: Architecture, cinema and Bauhaus. The third session of this summer comes with two documentaries both with Berlin as a scenario.

Gebaute Bewegung (Built Movement)
by Knut Klaßen, Carsten Krohn and Karsten Schubert.
German with English subtitles

A film about the late architect Johannes Uhl who designed “Neues Kreuzberger Zentrum” – a 1960/70s large-scale housing block that was the first step towards bulldozing large parts of Kreuzberg to make space for a large highway and high-rise housing blocks. Until the end of his life, the architect was still convinced that urban highways and the clearing of 20th-century building stock was a great idea. A highly sensitive, moving and inspiring short movie telling a lively story about the mindset of urban planning back in the 60s/70s and how it still affects urban life today.

Die Fahrt durchs Haus (Passage Through the House)
by Knut Klaßen and Carsten Krohn
German with English subtitles

Sarah grew up in Märkisches Viertel. She begins to investigate about the work of the architect of this West Berlin housing development and decides to visit his buildings. The architect Georg Heinrichs lives in a villa that reflects the essence of its inhabitant. It is a universe of art, design, proportion and morality but when he sums up his life and concludes that it cannot be surpassed in irrationality and absurdity.

Presented by Lukas Staudinger, editor-in-chief of Make City, Berlin

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29-07-2019, 21:30h

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