Presentation of "Cháchara" and "El Escorial: Imperio y Estómago" - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Presentation of “Cháchara” and “El Escorial: Imperio y Estómago”

The books Cháchara y otras historias de arquitectura, by Moisés Puente and El Escorial: Imperio y Estómago, by David Bestué are presented in a conversation between the writer Andrea Valdés and the authors of both works at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in the framework of the Barcelona Architecture Week.

CHÁCHARA y otras historias de arquitectura opens up avenues for discussion based on the analysis of established landmarks and contextualizing new values ​​of contemporary architecture: the successes and contradictions of Mies van der Rohe and Alejandro de la Sota, the tragic gravity of Gordon Matta-Clark or the Konstantín Melnikov’s revolutionary ambition; the masquerade that Smilian Radić has built in Vilches, a brand-new shoe store by Paco Alonso, the construction of an oeuvre by Arquitectura-G or the Palladian house by Valerio Olgiati share space with the diatribes of Aldo Rossi or the analysis of Reyner Banham to the city of Los Angeles. An overview of projects and figures gives shape to this “anticháchara” that aims to invite the public exercise of dialogue.

EL ESCORIAL: Imperio y Estómago explores the history of the Madrilenian monastery which, for some is a curse, the vestige of something that just won’t go away; others, though, see it as a kind of hallowed storeroom, packed with the living essence of Spain. Like a chalice that is either full or empty, depending on the situation in Spain and the shifting perceptions of religion, the army and the monarchy. More than just a poetic, eternal, silent and unshakeable rock, the monastery is Spain’s black box: it records all the country’s shocks and upheavals, regardless of attempts to cover them up. It is the symbol of something which is thought to be permanent, central, hegemonic; it is both a physical and an ideological structure.

The event has a limited capacity of 35 places and free access until it is completed.



11-05-2021, 19:00

Organised with

Editorial Caniche

in the framework of 
Barcelona Architecture Week


Mies van der Rohe Pavilion