Presentation of Nenúfars blancs / White waterlilies - coffee-talk - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Presentation of Nenúfars blancs / White waterlilies – coffee-talk

The intervention Nenúfars blancs / White waterlilies by CENTRALA reintroduces a constellation of waterlilies that have once inhabited the larger pool of the Barcelona Pavilion. We invite you to a coffee-talk with the authors of the intervention, the CENTRALA team (Małgorzata Kuciewicz and Simone De Iacobis) and the curator Aleksandra Kędziorek, based in Warsaw, Poland, and carried out in collaboration with the Polish Institute of Culture.

The project has been nurtured by the authors’ research on hydrobotany in the architecture of the Modern Movement, the experience of biologist Carles Palau, founder of the Viver Tres Turons, previous approaches to the Pavilion’s ecosystem by architect and Columbia GSAPP director Andrés Jaque, and the support of the Municipal Institute of Parks and Gardens of Barcelona, the Botanical Garden of Barcelona and the Biennial of Landscape.

All of them will participate in the meeting at the Pavilion to share their experiences in this project and talk about the return of hydrobotany to cities. A fragment of Åkerblom Studio’s audiovisual about the project will also be presented.

The Pavilion had been perceived as an immutable reality, but instead it is a place in constant evolution and the naturalisation of the pond participates in this constant transformation. The introduction last April of water lilies, native submerged plants, various arthropods and zooplankton in the Pavilion’s pond has led to an enrichment of the ecosystem with the appearance of more dragonflies, bats, insects and frogs among other animals.

Join us on Tuesday 15 November at the Pavilion for a coffee before we start at 3:30 pm for a discussion on a topic that is as actual as it is exciting.

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Organised with

Instituto Polaco de Cultura Madrid 


The preliminary research was possible thanks to: 

 i-Portunus mobility grant. 


kerblom Studio




Mies van der Rohe Pavilion

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CENTRALA. Nenúfars blancs / White waterliliesAuthors: CENTRALA (Małgorzata Kuciewicz, Simone De Iacobis)

Curator: Aleksandra Kędziorek
Curator Fundació Mies van der Rohe: Ivan Blasi
Project coordinator: Adriana Mas
Barcelona Pavilion management: Víctor Sanchez
Gardener: Ruth Castilla
Aquatic botany: Viver Tres Turons (Carles Palau)
Implementation of plants: Viver Tres Turons (Ana Calderón i Carles Palau) @viver_tres_turons
Video documentation: Åkerblom Studio – @akerblom_studio
Architectural consultation: Fernando Ramos
Technical consultation Ajuntament de Barcelona: Institut Municipal de Parcs i Jardins de Barcelona