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In the Bauhaus Kitchen

A project exploring the intersections between art, design and gastronomy, merging them into an unique visual and sensorial experience. Inspired on Nicholas Fox Weber’s In The Bauhaus Kitchen essay, this collaborative project celebrates the school’s centenary by analyzing and interpreting how gastronomy and the rituals associated with food were central points of interest in the Bauhaus.

In The Bauhaus Kitchen experience consists of two phases. The performance of October 20 that will be divided into different gastronomic sequences created by different work groups and conceived among 20 creatives (chefs, craftsmen, designers, architects …). The second phase consists in the creation of a documentary film that will showcase a mix of all the previous creative works with the addition of the Barcelona Pavilion experience itself and a series of interviews to the participating guests, with the aim to further communicating the project results to the public.





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Curated by:
Elsa Yranzo & Sebastian Alberdi


Mies van der Rohe Pavilion