Pantalla Pavelló "Architects and Architectures" - Cinema cycle - Fundació Mies van der Rohe

Pantalla Pavelló “Architects and Architectures” – Cinema cycle

The second session of the Pantalla Pavelló film series brings us the documentary Max Risselada: Life, Work & 12 Buildings by Jorn Konijn presented by the director himself together with its protagonist with whom we will be able to converse.

Jorn Konijn brings us a fascinating tour that invites us to discover the marvellous project of an outstanding personality who played an important role in the formation of a new generation of architects.

Max Risselada, born in 1939 in the former Dutch East Indies, worked with Aldo Van Eyck and the Eameses in California before setting up his own studio and embarking on his research and teaching tasks as an expert in modern and contemporary architecture that has earned him international recognition. Architecture gives us an insight into his understanding of architecture and life through an in-depth look at twelve of his favourite buildings around the world: from the economist’s Smithsons building in London to Le Corbusier’s work in Ahmedabad, India. From the Van den Broek and Bakema Aula Building in Delft, to the Pinós and Miralles cemetery in Igualada.

Come and chill out on the first Monday evening of August at the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion!

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August 1: Life, Work & 12 Buildings with directors Jorn Konijn and Max Risselada. OV in dutch subtitled in English.
September 5: Mies goes future with directors Esenija Bannan and Greg Bannan



1-8-2022, 21:30


Mies van de Rohe Pavilion

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We open doors at 21:15h

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