SónarMies - Fundació Mies van der Rohe


The SónarMies proposal consists of a “site specific” sound intervention for the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion in the framework of the Sónar + D festival. The characteristics of the Pavilion foster the play between sounds and spaces and offer an incomparable setting to experiment. Each year a new intervention is added to the series of sound pieces of the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion.

Although this year Sonar Festival has been cancelled due the pandemic, we have been able to maintain the sound intervention that was initially conceived as part of it: It begins with one word. Choose your own by Katarzyna Krakowiak

In previous years we have been able to enjoy the following sonic interventions:

Dazwischen – Lucrecia Dalt
18-7-2019 <20-7-2019
Curated by: Sonia Fernández Pan and Lluís Nacenta
With: SónarMies – Sónar + D

Wave Shift – Mark Bain
06-14-17 <17-06-17
Curated by: Lluís Nacenta
With: SónarMies – Sónar + D
Seismic sensors capture the microvibrations that run through the materials of the pavilion that are amplified and reproduced by a loudspeaker system.

Microtonal Wall – Tristan Perich
14-6-2016 <19-6-2016
Curated by: Lluís Nacenta
An aluminum panel of 7.5 meters where each of the 1,500 speakers emits one single sound, the result of dividing six octaves into microtones.

Transient senses – Alex Arteaga
29-4-2015 <21-6-2015
With: Sónar + D, Goethe Institut de Barcelona, Antoni Tàpies Foundation, Master’s Degree in Art and Design Research (Eina and UAB) and Loop Barcelona.
Sponsorship: Banco de Sabadell. Associated collaborators: Einstein Foundation, French Institute, Bloomline and Neuman.
Curated by: Lluís Nacenta
A game with the auditory transparency of the architectural space that takes the sounds from outside to inside.

Lucio Capece
18-6-2015 <19-6-2015
Curated by: Lluís Nacenta
A system of speakers suspended by helium balloons as a way to take the interior to the outside.

Spectral diffraction by Edwin van der Heide
11-6-2014 <6-14-2014
Curated by: Lluís Nacenta.
Collaboration in sound research, Antonio Sa Pinto.
With: Sónar + D – Music Technology Group (Pompeu Fabra University) – Fundació Eina
40 loudspeakers on the deck of the pavilion, independently emitting partial frequencies of a human voice.

Ghost Forest by Francisco López
14-8-2012 <31-8-2012
Curated by: Antoni Marí – Lluís Nacenta
A compositional transposition of a multitude of original environmental recordings, made in different forests around the world.